Brothers Bob and Paul Ewersmann went into business together in 1978.  They started primarily as an evergreen service, providing trimming and spraying to customers throughout St. Charles County.  In 1979, they purchased A&B Nursery in Lake St. Louis, Missouri from their former employer upon his retirement.  They purchased equipment and 6 trucks from A&B and started growing a new nursery in St. Paul, Missouri.

They also continued to provide evergreen serviceBob and Paul EwersmannBob and Paul Ewersmanns for the former A&B customers, several of whom they still service today.

In 1990, Bob and Paul purchased their first red Ford truck, beginning a transition from the green trucks.  Today you will often see their distinctive red trucks with oak gates working throughout St. Charles, St. Louis, Warren and Lincoln Counties. 

In January 2014, Bob retired after landscaping for over 40 years.  After his retirement, the family continues with the next generation.  Michael Ewersmann, (Paul's son), joined Paul as a co-owner.  Today, their evergreen and tree nursery in St. Paul has grown to 18 acres, and their fleet of trucks has grown to 12, yet Paul and Michael maintain a tradition of focusing on their customers and employees.

Bob & Paul's full-time crew averages over 15 years of experience.  There are 8 full-time employees who work for the nursery year round.  Part-time workers include teachers, retirees, and college students.  Former college student summer help are now clergy, a district attorney, architects, engineers, physical therapists, and a CPA. 


Since the beginning, Bob & Paul's has taken pride in offering the finest quality of evergreens, shrubs, and landscaping design and installation available.  Paul or Michael will personally design your landscape to meet your needs.  Call today!